Ignition Stories with Stephanie Sy of Thinking Machines

Michelle Angat – Jul 24 | 5 min read | Features

There is a global surge for data science, and yet for some reason, the Philippines isn’t involved in the conversation despite the many possibilities and advantages it could do for the country. From urban planning, education, disaster reduction, government, even for the internal use of big corporations, Data Science offers the possibility of creating solutions, innovations, and significant progress to the everyday Filipino lifestyle.


For example, last April 2017, a case study was presented to the MMDA that revealed the particular areas in EDSA where the flow of traffic significantly slows down. This allowed the MMDA to take a more specific action toward those found areas. The data was coordinated and collected from Waze. That data was collected and analyzed by Thinking Machines.


Thinking Machines is revolutionary on its own by being one of the very few companies in the Philippines that offer data science consultancy. Offering services from data collection and presentation, to data analysis on phenomena, trends, behaviors, sales, marketing, and even location, Thinking Machines uncovers crucial details that often go unnoticed in order to elevate someone’s business or lifestyle. Thinking Machines have also done work with the World Health Organization, PayMaya, and Meralco.


Heading this company of smart minds is its founder, CEO and Lead Data Scientist, Stephanie Sy—honored in Forbes 2018 “30 Under 30”, and Asia Tatler’s “Generation T”. Learn more about Thinking Machines as Stephanie shares what urged her to create the company, what she hopes Thinking Machines can achieve, and the importance of Ignition’s partnership with the DOST in order to make entrepreneurs out of scientists.