Ignition Stories with Robbie Antonio of Revolution Precrafted

Michelle Angat – Jul 24 | 5 min read | Features

Think of a practical home: stable, livable, budget-friendly. Not necessarily fancy, but enough to house a family and keep them safe through natural adversities. Typically, for such a home it would take a one-year minimum to have that built and accessible. But what if it only took a few months? What if the home was already premade and only needed to be assembled, like furniture you just bought from your local department store? That, in a nutshell, is what a pre-crafted home is. Durable, practical, custom, and sometimes mobile modular homes.

There is a sudden rise in pre-crafted or prefabricated (prefab) homes in the Philippines. It’s easy to see why with its possibilities being quite practical for the Filipino people. Already, real estate developers are taking notice. The reason for the said rise is none other than Robbie Antonio’s Revolution Precrafted.

Revolution Precrafted in the first Unicorn startup in the Philippines, valued around $1 Billion. Robbie Antonio, a veteran and international name in the real estate business being the Founder and President of Antonio Development in New York, Managing Director of Century Properties based in Asia, heads this tremendous emergence in the property technology (proptech)industry as it’s Founder and CEO. Incorporating his love for the arts, Robbie aims to do away with the typical “cookie-cutter” idea of what a prefab home should be. Garnering over 70 different top architects, artists, and designers, Revolution Precrafted creates prefab homes, buildings, furniture, and other forms of property that are distinctly architecturally unique—modern, stylish, and artistic— all for a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about Revolution Precrafted as Robbie shares his professional journey, how the Philippine startup system compares to its Southeast Asian neighbors, and how Ignition’s partnership with the DOST can spark a difference in our startup industry once scientists discover they can be entrepreneurs.