Coworking spaces as the next venue for social events

Zaragoza, Diane – Jul 24 | 5 min read | Features

Socializing is a part of our everyday lives and it’s a great way to maintain that sense of community and connection whether with friends, family or colleagues. In coworking spaces, social events thrive because it’s a perfect opportunity to meet new people, network and grow your connections. 

 Apart from that, social events are a great way for prospective members and clients to get a feel of  

the space. While day passes and tours are perfectly okay, there’s nothing like attracting clients by making them feel like they’re a part of a community. These can range from a variety of different events; from monthly karaoke nights to networking events to conferences and workshops, and more!  

 What’s great about hosting events and social gatherings at coworking spaces is the flexibility of the setup and space arrangement depending on the type of event and needs of a client and most, if not all, coworking spaces have the equipment to fit your requirements.  

 These can range from a variety of different events and gatherings; from monthly themed karaoke nights to networking events to holding conferences and workshops, and more! The important thing to remember is that whatever type of event you plan to curate, it should create impact and have a sense of community.  

 Here in Ignition Venture Studio, we mix business with pleasure. We’ve hosted different events; some formal and corporate, while others lean more on fun and casual. Some specially curated for our community members, and some have been brought to us by clients. But no matter what type, and no matter who it’s for, it is our mission to make sure your event is a successful one.